Thursday, January 6, 2011

A huge thanks goes out to Kurt and Taylor...

Maddox loves his huge tub of Bubble Gum...and so does Gavin.

On Monday, Maddox was practicing blowing bubbles...he's doing pretty well...notice the blue on his right eyebrow. He spent most of his vacation walking around with blue above his top lip and below his bottom lip. Man, that gum is some gooey stuff.

That's not the best though...Gavin comes in and tells me he is "Patchy the Pirate" as he smears the gum all around his eye. He comes back in a couple minutes later and says "Uh Mom...I can't get this gum off of my eye..." I told him to wait a couple hours til Dad got I laughed my head off! He did learn a valuable lesson that day...I honestly don't think he'll be making eye patches out of gum again...EVER! A good 30 minutes, a little peanut butter and olive oil, and what looked like a black eye...he was as good as new!

Gooey gum does not come out of eyelashes at all..ugh...what a mess!
What a goof!

Happy New Year!

We spent a very low-key evening with the Mann Clan...the boys rang in the New Year right...

All the boys with Piper ...she hung right in there with us!

Makin' Noodles

Grandma waited til just a couple days before Christmas to get her noodles made...she always gives each of us kids homemade she had to call for some assistance!
Looks like she got the best help around... :)

Merry Christmas from Santa and his little elf!

Some friends of ours had a little gathering before Christmas and these two came to spread some Christmas cheer.