Sunday, November 29, 2009

Party vans and missed milestones

This weekend was one I'll never forget...thanks to my girls. I got some Christmas shopping done and had many laughs in Nashville, TN. Thanks for the laughs...we had good getting EVERYTHING into the van.

When I made it home around 10pm tonight...Larry tells me that I missed a milestone...I knew immediately that Gavin had lost a tooth. I wasn't sure which one, but I was supposed to wake him up so he could tell me. The boys were in our bed since I was gone...that's our deal. If one of us is gone they can sleep in our bed (usually). I tried to wake him, but he was OUT. I did get to see which tooth it was. I'm sure he'll tell me all about it in the morning. AND because he didn't sleep in his own bed, the tooth fairy will have to wait until tomorrow night to visit...she has some planning to do before then.

Congratulations to you Gavin...this is only the beginning...and it could be interesting...especially if you take after your Dad.

Oh, and thanks for decorating your room while I was gone...I love it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Harvesting Buds...

Gavin is all about combining or anything that has to do with farming...he takes after me so much...Ha Ha! He could ride and ride all day...Maddox, not so much. He likes it for a while, then is ready to move on to something else. He definitely wants his turn though! Thanks to Uncle John for the's funny...neither of the boys came home saying the F word like they do when they're with Uncle Steve...hmmmm!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hunting season ought to be interesting this year!

What are your thoughts after seeing THIS photo?

Larry and the boys helped Grandpa Dorn put up this deer stand made for Grandpa + 2! you think any deer will come near! Good luck to them next weekend!

Thanks Grandpa for always giving the boys such opportunities! We are very lucky...even his teacher writes in his school journal how his weekends are so full of awesome adventures!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Donuts with Dad

This morning the boys had donuts with Larry at school..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To all Veterans...

We salute you!

Today and Always!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Gavin's face describes my feelings toward Halloween this year...I just wasn't into it. All that matters is that the boys had fun...and they did. We didn't even make it to see any of my family except for Kurt. Sorry, maybe next weekend...or maybe pictures will have to do this year.

I asked Gavin to give me a serious face...this is it.

Headed out to trick or treat with Aunt Kay and the Richardson family

Sunday, November 1, 2009


with their grandkids on Halloween!

The kids were so excited when they opened their treat bags at Grandma and Grandpa's this year. They all 3 got candy "cigs" as Gavin calls them along with lots of other good stuff. The funny thing is that as soon as they saw them they popped them in their mouths like they were pros. It was funny...they are very aware of the fact that they are NOT good for them and know what "cigs" do to their bodies, so I'm hoping that those facts outweigh how "cool" they look in these photos a few years down the road. Gavin really gave Aunt Vicki a hard time this summer while we were vacationing.

Almost 11 months...and look at this girl...looks rough and tough, doesn't she?