Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School - 2010

Maddox is in Kindergarten this year and Gavin is in Second grade...all grown up! They started on Monday and it has been a good, but long, week. I really dislike school starting on a Monday...I'd vote for at least a Wednesday. Maddox has been a bit grumpy when he gets home, but it's an adjustment.

I wonder if Maddox's hand signal is a sign of what he's going to be someday! (Actually, he is imitating himself from his first day of pre-school, he didn't quite have the thumbs up thing down, or he was just being silly and that's what he did. He thought it was funny, so I guess it's his signature move now.
Mrs. Potter and the entire school body starting off the school year with a glad that the boys are a part of this school!