Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Maddox was discharged last night around 8pm. We are now home and getting our house back in order. I didn't realize how much "stuff" we had packed over to the hospital to keep him entertained, plus all the goodies that were given to him while we were there. Larry took Gavin to ride his 4-wheeler this morning. As much as we would have loved to take Maddox, we figure he needs to have some downtime. He was fine with it this morning. Larry didn't tell him about the 4-wheeler, but that Gavin was going to help him fix a pole for work. Maddox showed no interest in going.

Did they miss each other a little? Hmmm...I think they did....but only a little.

Watching (The Three Students) aka The Three Stooges. Looks we have another fan in the house now.
Getting ready to take a nap yesterday afternoon. Larry had the other bed and the chair wasn't all that comfy, not for napping at least.
Dr. Einhorn giving Maddox a clean bill of health. He looks thrilled, doesn't he? He actually really enjoys his visits. He has to give him a hard time about his "girl purse" which you can see at the foot end of the bed. Dr. Einhorn insists it is a "work purse", but Maddox has to give him a hard time.
Waiting for discharge papers...
Carrying all of his balloons out to the car...
It's nice to have him feeling better...hard to believe we went almost two weeks with what seemed to be a different child. We have such good family and friends that helped us make it through stress-free...THANK YOU!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A "tad" longer...

It seems Maddox's stay at the hospital may be coming close to an end. I hate to say or even type that, because as soon as I do...things will change as they have the last couple days. This morning his white blood cell count was back to normal. Doc. Einhorn would like him to stay a "tad" longer to make sure his fever doesn't arise again. He hasn't had a fever since last night at 9pm and it was 101.7.

Last night Maddox's ever-so-concerned buddy came to see him. They've talked on the phone every day. Last night Maddox was extemely grumpy and as Larry calls it "hateful". Patton's visit (along with Parker and Megan) was just what he needed. What's not to love about getting all sorts of FUN stuff to play with. I think Maddox just about has it all...and we now know that cap guns are allowed in hospitals and they do not set off the fire alarm (in case you ever need to know that) Even though they may smell up the place, they really are NOT harmful. We have been playing with the punch balls all day today too.
Checking out the good stuff... Larry made a quick trip to Wal-Mart this morning to buy a new DVD for Maddox (yeah right). It happens to be Larry's favorite show...The Three Stooges! You should have heard these a couple of boys!

Just wanted to keep everyone always...thanks to everyone!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thanks for the prayers!

We are very lucky to have such good friends and family to help us out...thanks a bunch!
Balloons from Aunt Vicki and Kim
Balloons from all his cousins
Maddox and his friend Amelia...thanks for the baggie of snow Amelia...and the inside snowball fight!
This "Healing Blanket" seems to be doing the trick...Thanks McKinney family
Our car hasn't been so hasn't moved since I drove it to the hospital on Monday.Thanks to Grandma Kocher for staying with Maddox for a while so we could have some "Gavin time".
We have so much to be thankful for!

We have the BEST Neighbors!

I just wanted to say thanks to all of our neighbors who have went above and beyond for us this week. Larry and I came home from the hospital for a while to spend some time with Gavin. Grandma Kocher is staying with Maddox while he's sleeping. I came home to a driveway that was cleared...and an email that was filled with Gavin playing in the snow with the neighbor "boys".
Allen, our neighbor "boy", throwing Gavin in the snow. Thanks Allen for cleaning the drive for us! Oh, and also for letting Gavin "help" you!
Look at those cheeks...
Thanks to everyone who has had Maddox in their prayers too...he's not quite ready to come home just yet. Hopefully that day will come soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maddox's Road to Recovery!

What a week it has been...This is Maddox at 2:00 yesterday after just being admitted to the hospital to treat his pneumonia! I was actually glad to hear that his problem had been diagnosed so that we could get him back to his old self. Maddox's arm after they inserted the IV. It's a good thing Larry had just loaded him up with tattoos over the weekend. They sure are the topic of conversation with his nurses.
Aunt Kelly made a special trip to see him and even brought him an extremely annoying monkey...THANKS! (We'll get you back someday) ...and some pretend doctor tools. Maddox is all set now.
Mom brought Gavin by to see Maddox and bring him some decorations for the room. How sweet!
Maddox not real happy about being attached to this "thing". He's not used to having such limits.
Grandma and Grandpa Dorn came yesterday as soon as they heard...I know Maddox was glad to have them there as well.
This is just two hours after the IV and antibiotics were started. Eating like a mad man...and being silly too!
Just chillin'
This poor guess is that it will DEFINITELY be worn out for the next patient. A huge shout out to Grandpa Dorn for showing him how to control his bed...I think it has been in EVERY position possible.

Everything is looking positive for him at this point. I was a little concerned about him having a fever again last night, but I have since found out that this is to be expected...I just didn't realize it. Seriously 15 minutes after the IV was started yesterday afternoon the antibiotics were kicking in...he was already like a new boy!
Thanks so much to everyone who has called, and emailed and offered to help us out. We truly appreciate it. By the way, I have no internet access there. That is my only complaint so far...and I guess if that's all, that's a good thing!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet Dodger!

This is Gavin with his new pal, Dodger. Dodger is Kiley's (my niece's) new pup. Gavin had a ball playing with him on Sunday. Can't wait til we are out in the country someday so that we can have a little pup for the boys to play with. They hardly know what to do around dogs...we aren't around many anymore.

This is Chloe, Justin's dog. She is enjoying her downtime while Dodger is chasing Gavin around. It seems that when Dodger is not chasing Gavin, she is chasing Chloe all around. Chloe's not too sure about Dodger.

Chloe hanging out where Dodger can't reach her...that is, until Gavin lifts Dodger up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am a loser and proud of it. I was not looking for a big loss this week for a number of reasons. However, I am down again.

3 lbs.
Mom lost again too.
.8 lbs.
My total = 5.8 lbs.
Mom's total = 2.8 lbs.
I am at the point where I usually lose interest and call it quits. I'm thinking this time I'm going to stick with it though. I tell makes a difference when you know everyone is following up and checking in on you. It definitely makes you think twice.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mama, When can I have a wife?

Today after I finished reading stories to Maddox before his nap, we were talking as we always do. Today he popped a question I hadn't heard before. He put his hands on my cheeks and said "Mama, when can I have a wife?"

Me: Well, you can have a wife when you finish going to high school and college and you find someone you love a big bunch.

Maddox: Like Justin.???

Me: Yes... Justin's finished with high school and college. Who would you like to marry? (He's thinking) Who is someone you love enough to marry, MAYBE ME??

Maddox: No, I want to marry Patton. He's my buddy and I love him!

I thought it was cute...who knows what the future holds!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good News!

Mom and I weighed in tonight...and stayed for the meeting. You'll have to ask her what all we learned about. I guess you can learn more, and faster, if you close your eyes and "pretend" you're sleeping. She must've been soaking it all in.

Anyway, WE LOST! After a week including Girls Night Out, Monster Jam, and eating at The Dorn's (Debbie is the best cook, by the way) I am very proud to say that I lost

2.8 lbs
Mom was down too!
2 lbs.
It's amazing how just knowing that everyone is rooting for us has kept us on track. In the past year or so, we've had good weeks like this...and then we have lost it...our control, that is. This time we need to keep it up for the long haul.
I'm anxious to hear how my girlfriends have done...all those who said they were in. Please report! At this point larry is thinking about reporting his losses, but right now he says he would rather I showed pictures of his butt. He is proud of that thing! I have already assured him people would rather see his losses than his rear.
Oh, and I'm working on placing a weight loss ticker on the right hand side of my blog to track my losses. Until next week!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monster Jam

We headed to Evansville Saturday afternoon to watch Monster Jam at Robert's Stadium. The boys had a great time! We did too...We had free pit passes before the show to get autographs from the drivers and pictures with the trucks and 4-wheelers also.

This is the Cannon Lady...she shoots across the stadium out of her truck/cannon (behind her)

This 4-wheeler rider was showing Gavin what it feels like to do a trick!This is Jim Koehler, driver of The Avenger...

This is my brother Steve, driver of Brutus. Just kidding, his name is really Chris Bergeron, but he reminded us of Steve. He also drove Brutus, which is designed like a dog and Kelly and Jeremy have a big dog named Brutus. We were rooting for him!
Gavin, all smiles!
Before the show, you can see Cannon Lady's truck in the middle, and just how small of an area these trucks had to move around.
The Avenger...

Nitemare getting some "big air". This was Gavin's favorite truck.

A little video footage of Brutus in the "Freestyle" event.

Overall, it was a good time. Thanks to Kelly and Jeremy for the Ticketmaster gift cards for Christmas which inspired us to go! We are looking forward to the end of Feb. going to St. Louis Monster Jam.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Backpack Bumping

This is one of the activities the boys were doing while they were "sick" with strep earlier this week. Gavin was home Monday-Wednesday and Maddox missed his Tuesday class. I believe this was Tuesday. They came out to show me this new game they created. It's similar to the "belly bumping game" they play with their Dad. As you can see Gavin was the dominant player. Maddox would chicken out...not sure why...he's probably tougher. When we went to the doctor on Tuesday Gavin weighed 52 lbs. and Maddox weighed 48lbs.

They look really sick don't they. Actually they did have their down time and both took naps with no complaints. They were sick, but they definitely weren't hurting too badly.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Thanks to everyone for all the MOTIVATION! It's working so far!!! I know it has only been 1 day, and I have many, many more to go...actually, the rest of my life. But hey, that's a start! I'm more excited about this than I have been in a long time. That's a good sign!

So, until next Tuesday...we'll just have to see. Yesterday I ate great...I stayed within my points (Weight Watchers) ...and exercised 30 minutes. AND I am going to go to bed early for once!

I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate you wouldn't believe! As for the others who want to join in on this journey with me...keep us updated...maybe on Tuesdays as well. I weigh in on Tuesdays so I'll post Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

I am very lucky to have such good friends and family to support me! Thanks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Does anybody have any to send this way?

Actually, I went to Weight Watchers tonight...and actually stayed for the meeting. I am ready, motivated, and probably crazy for posting this on my blog. However, I figure what the can't hurt anything. I'm sure that people realize that I've gained lots of weight over the last couple years, so there's really nothing to hide.

After I had Maddox in April of 05 I lost 57 lbs. It took a year or so, but hey, I lost. I felt great. I liked to shop and try clothes on...because they fit for once without being "granny" style. I was 10 lbs, yes 10 lbs. from my "goal" and I lost it, I lost my motivation. I had gall bladder surgery in November of 06 (minor me away from my exercise routine for a while though) and from there it was downhill. Slow, at first, and then well, not so slow. After weighing in tonight I am very ashamed to say that I have gained ALL but one measly pound back. For the past couple of years I will do good for a week or two, tops. Then, I blow it. I just don't care. Well, didn't.

SO, here's the scoop...I'm going to fill all of you in on my weight losses and probably a gain or two along the way. I know there are people who read my blog who probably have no business knowing my weight loss info. but they probably really don't need to see my kids and their rears either. I think I will feel more accountable..since I know a lot of people are reading. I wouldn't want to let a lot of people think I'm a failure at this weight loss thing. The thing is...if it doesn't work out then it's ok. Life will go on as it has the past couple years.

I also have someone else who wants to do this with Mom...she's been in this with me from the get-go. She's lost a lot too...and gained some (not nearly as much as me). What have we got to lose?

Please, please...feel free to motivate us! We're going to need it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Brent, Elaine, Taylor, and Jordan

It is 11:30pm and Gavin just came out of his room, wide awake after laying in his room for a couple hours (he took a 3 hr. nap this afternoon). As he sits here next to me in the rocking chair, resting his head on my shoulder...we're thinking about how we should both be in bed...but, since he's probably not going to school tomorrow again we're going to stay up a tiny bit longer. Gavin has been under the weather today and has slept much more than usual. He stayed home sick...Really he just wants to stay with me a little longer before going back to school. He tells me that he tried to get Maddox's sick germs (because Maddox was sick yesterday) so he could stay home from school. He succeeded!

Gavin wanted to take a little time to say thanks for letting him come and stay last week all on his own.



Okay, he's done typing and thinking about spelling...I'll type his thoughts for him.

Thank you for letting me go skiing and ramping at the ski slopes. I was sore.

I liked helping Brent make cabinets for the sink downstairs. I've never sanded anything before, so that was fun for me.

Thank you Elaine for snuggling with me when I missed my Mom and Dad. I had a headache there so I sat on Brent's lap too.

Jordan and Taylor took kind of good care of me. (I'm just typing what I'm told)

I had fun playing with them...

Skiing was my most favorite thing at your house. Next time I want Taylor and Jordan and Brent to all go with me.

I love you big bunches, Gavin

PS. My brother wants to know when it's his turn.

Gavin truly enjoyed his time in Indiana...we hope you enjoyed him as well!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bubba Teeth

St. Nick filled the boys' stockings with all sorts of cool things this year. One of those cool things being Bubba teeth.

This photo of Gavin would be so much better if only I could get larry's famous photo when he was younger in his cubs hat and his buck teeth. He always said there was a reason his Grandpa Dorn called him Buck. I don't know about you, but I see a LOT of resemblance here.

Maddox ALWAYS puts them in upside down...
Pretty cute huh!