Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a Saturday...

It was filled with soccer and bike races

Gavin's friend Rylin...making sure those shin guards work

Gavin kicking Rylin in the shins...nice!

Maddox just after his race...

The boys both had a successful day...we're super proud of you both!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My sidekick...

We went to the Ste. Marie picnic yesterday...the boys enjoyed playing all the games and such...the only thing I wanted to do, was play bingo...I usually don't get a chance to play because the boys up until this point wouldn't sit still long enough to let me. However, yesterday was different. Once we got started Gavin was really into it. It looks like I'll always have someone to play with now. Gavin won the second game he played...he's hooked! He won $21.75...and was rubbing it in to the ladies across from us who'd been playing all morning and hadn't won. He even wanted to come back and play the Blackout game at the end. However, camping ended up sounding more appealing once the time came.

Jordan...this one is for you! Gavin pulled this out of Maddox's pj drawer and decided he was wearing it to the picnic...remember when he cried when we asked him just to try it on for a photo!

Gavin and his tractor

Maddox and his T-Rex


is the word I'd use to describe Maddox this afternoon. We were all lounging around this afternoon and he decided he wanted to play a game that was in the top of his closet. So, this is the contraption he used to get it. Pretty sneaky and lucky to say the least!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shaving at 6!

Gavin's been taking showers lately...he takes one in our bathroom while Maddox bathes in their bathroom. Gavin came out last night with blood running down his leg. He told us that my razor, which is hanging on the side of the shower, fell down and hit his leg. Larry asked him if he wanted to just go ahead and tell us the truth. My razor fits very securely in it's little holder on the side of the shower (no chance of it "falling"...with a little smirk he gave in and told us. He was trying to shave his leg...but took a tiny chunk out of it instead. He's extremely proud of his hairs...can't believe he tried to shave them off.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is what our day consisted of...

A little rain...goofy boys...snacks...

Great day to play in the rain...


I wonder what he's thinking about...

Thankful for days like these!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maddox is big stuff now!

Maddox has started riding the 4-wheeler that Aunt Vicki got Gavin when he was 3. Now it's all Maddox's and he's loving it. He's doing really well on it. We have a "racetrack" around our house now. I wonder how many circles they have made.

Gotta love the teeth!

Boots and shorts...just like Uncle Steve

By the way...thanks to Kurt for "fixing" this 4-wheeler that's been out of commission for a while now. ;)