Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Memories

We had Maddox's birthday party at our house on Saturday evening. Originally, we planned on having it at the campground and having a "camping party". Therefore, I decided to create this Smore Cake...knowing that Maddox had no interest in the Smore, but something more along the lines of Spiderman, Batman, dirtbikes, etc. I thought this looked easier and I didn't have a pan for what he wanted...I knew I'd spend forever trying to cut out a cake and decorate it. Instead I ended up spending forever decorating this Smore cake. It was different though...and he still loves me even though I didn't fulfill that wish of his. What a bad mom that makes me sound like, huh! Larry even asked him the next morning, after I had made it, if he liked his cake. He sadly shook his head no....then, I asked him later because Larry had told me about his reaction....he tried so hard to shake his head yes...and make me think that he liked it, but there was no hiding it. He did not really care for his Smore Cake. In the end...we didn't have a camping party after all due to rain and he didn't seem to mind his cake at all! Thank goodness!
Thanks for your help Taylor!

Kurt and Taylor
This kid spent 90 % of the time going down on his butt rather than his belly...crazy kid!
It's a hit with Gavin too
Thanks to everyone for your phone calls, messages, and gifts. Maddox sure like all the attention!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maddox is 5!

Happy Birthday Maddox...it's hard to believe that you had a bit of a rocky start. But, look at you now!

Look at your little chest working so hard...
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Ready for a burp after being fed by syringe...still getting oxygen from that tube...
Meeting Gavin...it was soon after this point that we wondered what we were thinking having 2 kids, well another child so soon after Gavin. Ornery...to say the least! However, it was all for the best! Just before your Spring Concert 2010
Where to begin...you never cease to amaze us. There is never a dull moment with you around. You are all boy, yet still love to be loved on when there aren't a lot of people around. You would play video games all day if we let you...you're quite the bike rider...basically you do everything your brother does, just in a different way. There aren't a lot of things that you two have in common, yet you're not a lot different either...that's a tough one to explain! You have quite a throwing arm...baseball should be interesting this year. An imagination is something you've had from day one...give you some army guys, cars, etc. and you'll play and imagine and create your little heart out. You are a mover and a groover...you can shake those hips like nothing I've ever seen before from a boy your size. Let's not forget about your hurkeys and now double hurkeys...we can thank Aunt Kelly for that one. Yet, you are your Daddy's son, so anything is possible :) We could do without the whining, but we're working on that one. You are NOT shy and are quite open about everything...there isn't a topic that you'd shy away from...and sometimes I really wish you'd keep your thoughts inside, especially in public, but you really do mean well! So, we wanna keep you that way...love you very much. I keep begging you to just stay little...and it doesn't seem to be working. You're determined to grow up right before my eyes! This is your "Golden" birthday. Turning 5 on the 5th...how fun! You are just dying to try out your new Slip-n-Slide from Taylor and Kurt. I have a feeling you'll get to try it...how can we not let you...even though it's too cool. Daddy took the day off to spend with you and fix our sump pump, and he has yet to fix it. You're being super patient though...lots of new things to play with from this weekend. You are one lucky boy! Hope you have yet another best birthday EVER! Love, Mom