Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can You Say Filthy?

Who knew camping could be so filthy...yet fun!

Grandpa...extremely proud of his dirty boys!

Grandpas can have cheesy smiles too!


Thursday, August 28, 2008 Larry

I couldn't think of starting your weekend any other way than with a song!!

In case you're wandering...he scored a 98% with that performance.

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by Rick and Amber's house and they just happened to have Rock Band. We stopped by Wal-Mart on our way home and bought it up too. We haven't played it much together, but last night we did. If you ever want to jam with the Rockin' Dorn's let us know.

Sand Man!

Maddox's face after playing in the sandbox last night!
Getting a hose down before going inside.

Maddox getting the sand out of his pants.

Gavin must not have had sand in his pants. Just on his hands. Maybe Maddox will learn from him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Poor Gavin!

It's been a rough evening for Gavin...but look at him now, sleeping soundly. Look at him all scraped up from his bike wreck. That's not even the worst of it though. When I picked Gavin up from school today his teacher said that his mosquito bites had been bothering him today A LOT! Last night when I was putting him to bed I noticed a lot of mosquito bites behind his knees, around his waistline, etc. I didn't think a whole lot of it. We had been out at the lake Saturday night and figured that's what it was from. Poor kid, it makes me ache just thinking about it. I took him home from school and gave him a baking soda bath, some Benadryl and called the doc. Turns out that he is having an allergic reaction to his mosquito bites or possibly amoxycillin which he was on day 10 (last day) of taking due to having a tiny bit of fluid in his ear.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! It appears that his medicine has already kicked in as the redness and puffiness is already going down.

Boy Without Fear

Last week one day when Gavin got home from school I let him ride his bike outside while I was watering flowers out back. He wanted to ride on the driveway out front since our patio out back is too small to ride on. No problem...he's good about staying off the road and watching for cars if he does. He comes over to tell me to check out his new trick. Here's what he has to show. Keep in mind that he usually uses the landscaping block and the board ONLY as a ramp. He'd already mastered this successfully so I ran in to video so Larry could see...what a good mom!

That evening we had a talk with Gavin about how that was absolutely not a good idea. Larry was telling him how he needs to start with small ramps and slowly work up to bigger ones that his Dad makes for him and how professionals land on their back wheel when ramping and not their front, etc. etc. etc. and in the end...NEVER to do that again.

So, Sunday we were ready to head to my brother's for lunch and Gavin was asking to ride his bike and Maddox was occupied in the house with me as I was gathering things up for our outing. I told Gavin he could ride out front as long as he stayed off the road. He wanted to ride his new bike.

A few minutes later I hear him screaming. He comes in the house with blood running down his face, onto his shirt. He was freaking out...wanted to see his face in the mirror...more screaming...Maddox is holding his ears. Larry happened to be on the phone with me at the time. I look out the window and this is what I saw...another new ramp he has created...only this time it's larger!! I no longer felt sorry for him. Thus, the photos of him screaming. Larry was on the phone...completely irrate. I really didn't even consider the fact that he would try to make his own ramp again, what was I thinking? He said to me, "I wore my helmet, Mom!" "I'm really, really sorry!" "My bike flipped over and I landed on my was an accident!"

Gavin with his busted lips, bruised nose and chin ...What a cutey!?!? He really doesn't even look like himself

Gavin with his ramp (a milk crate and a landscape block)

This is how his bike landed (he wasn't even using his new one)

In his prayers last night at bedtime, he said "Thanks Jesus for watching over me today when I crashed...I could've busted my teeth! I'd say he is one lucky boy!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Farm Safety Day

Today Gavin participated in Farm Safety Day at the City Park. A lot of hard work goes into putting this event on and it shows. Gavin loves it! He's already asking to go back next year. Last year was his first year and it's amazing the knowledge he picked up from it at such a young age. He still remembers a lot of things they talked about last year. He made his very own First Aid Kit which he is obsessed with. We went to a cookout tonight and he took it with him just in case someone would get hurt. Larry, Maddox and I went to the first station with Gavin. It was basically a petting zoo along with other farm activities.
Maddox milking a cow (when he yanked the udders water would shoot out)
Gavin shucking corn...we had to tell him to save some corn for the others to shuck.
Gavin petting a duck
Maddox petting a lamb
Maddox digging for potatoes

Gavin gathering apples

After the first station (each station last about 20 minutes and then they'd switch to another) Larry and I decided to head home with Maddox. It seemed that they had plenty of help in Gavin's group. We thought we'd head home to get something done. We made a pitstop at the playground.

Larry chasing Maddox with a stick (Seriously!)
Us getting something done...yeah right! Maddox found out that Larry's stomach makes a good pillow.
Larry told me before I went to pick Gavin up that he had a feeling that Gavin would win one of the many bikes they had for the drawing. You should've seen the look on Gavin's face when they called his name. I was a little freaked out...I don't know how many kids were in attendance, but I'm guessing 200-250. Needless to say Gavin was pretty proud of his bike. He's all about bikes anyway. It's a little big for him, but he'll grow into it. It didn't stop him from riding it most of the afternoon.

Thanks to all who donate $$$ and time to make this event happen. If it only saves one life, it's worth it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rockin' Buddies!

Today Patton and Maddox had a "concert" in our living room.

Maddox threw in a "toot" on Patton's Dad's coyote caller (Thanks Brad!)

I couldn't resist this photo of Patton handling the guitar...he must get his musical talent from his Mom!

All of that rockin' really works up a thirst...

Check out this belly!

Sorry Kelly! I have nothing to pictures to share at this point. So, I guess that means that this baby girl gets the spotlight (I guess that includes you for now).

Kelly, Debbie, and I went shopping on Sunday in Evansville and made a stop at Motherhood Maternity. Kelly tried on one of the "bellies" they had to give moms an idea of what size they'll eventually be. So, here is what Kelly will look like!! Oh, did we have some good laughs!

In reality this is Kelly's real tummy at 23 weeks. She did not purchase this shirt...she said it was a little too amish-looking for her. Debbie and I thought it was cute, but she's not into the poofy sleeves. I know one thing. I wish I was this cute when I was pregnant!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Muscle Man!

We're back at it again! I have actually been going to bed at a decent time lately, which means that the blog has been put on the back burner. Not only is school wearing the kids out, but Larry and I too. When Gavin gets home we have yet to have a nice, quiet evening. As long as he's good at school it's ok, but this morning I encouraged him to take a little snooze at rest time to see if that would help his grumpiness once he gets home. I doubt it'll happen, but it's worth a shot. Once Larry gets home, it goes like this: supper, bath, and early to bed. There's not even been any time to play outside. The last two nights the boys have both been asleep by 8. I know it's still light at 8, but they are SOOOO tired!

Maddox is all about getting his picture taken now. Every time he does something he asks us to take his picture. This morning he was stretching and checking to see if his muscles got bigger last night! What do you think? Any bigger?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of Pre-K

I picked Maddox up from school at Noon today and here's the info. that I got from him.

How was Pre-School? Good!

What did you have for snack? cheese, crackers, and grapes

Did you see Gavin at lunch? Yes, he picked me up and I kicked him.

Is Miss Jamie a nice teacher? Yes...
(Later on) No...She yelled at me because I took my shoes off.
Then, I yelled at her and said I'm sorry Miss Jamie.

Did you like Pre-School? No, because Miss Jamie says "Shhhh...It's time for quiet."

Who is in your class? I don't know.

Was everyone good in your class today? Yes...No, they were screaming....just don't worry about's mean to say.

Are you ready to go back on Tuesday? No

Why not? Because my teacher says "quiet" and I don't like that.

What is all this supposed to mean? I'm sure it means that everything went as great as a first day of school can go and that he is full of stories.

This is what he said next out of nowhere "Remember that girl that was on my baseball team (he has never played baseball on a team) that kicked me in the weiner...Remember, when I was 5. Oh yeah, I've never been 5 before.

I guess I have to consider the source. I'll assume that he's doing fine unless I hear from Miss Jamie. Keep in mind, that he is full of stories and isn't used to being quiet...EVER! Poor Miss Jamie...I feel for her!

Maddox The Pre-Schooler

Maddox and Gavin were both up bright and early again today. Thank goodness for early bedtimes during the school year. I had forgotten how much extra time that gives me to get stuff done (in other words...check email, post on my blog, etc.)

Gavin's giving the old thumbs up and Maddox must be #1, I'm not sure.
Maddox and his Diego backpack (Some of you might be interested in knowing that Gavin has already used it for 2 years.) It's the inner tightwaud coming out in me...I knew it was in there somewhere. Maddox shaking his booty one last time before we head off to school. He threw that one in there. He must know it makes me smile every time. I love his booty shakes.
Gavin wanted a picture in front of this black-eyed susan. He's quite the gardener. Plus he wanted a picture of his drum shirt. He's quite the little drummer these days.
Maddox wanted to play on the playground before school. He talked me into letting him go down one slide. Maddox with his "friends".
Maddox and Miss Jamie, his teacher. This is her first year at St. Joe as well.
I'm home alone and it is sooo quiet. Maddox is staying at school for lunch today. I let him decide if he wanted to or not. You know, all 3 year olds should have the opportunity to make their own decisions. He first asked if Gavin was staying for lunch today and said he wanted to eat with Gavin. He will see Gavin for a little while at least. That will be good for them both.
Maddox's first day has gone well so far. I assumed it would though. He's been ready for pre-school since last year when he always wanted to stay with Gavin. I had to pry him out of the room each and every day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gavin's First Day Of Kindergarten

It started with an All-School Mass at 8am. Family and friends were invited to come and bless the teachers and the students. It was a nice way to start the school year. I love how St. Joe is so family oriented. I feel that we made the best choice. I am confident in that. Gavin has 8 kids in his class. You can't beat that either.
As we were walking up to school Gavin's backpack strap completely ripped off of one end. It will be returned this weekend. He was a little bothered by it, but got over it quickly.
Father Jerry and Mrs. Potter welcoming everyone this morning. Mrs. Potter is the new principal and is doing a great job so far. She is very active in the church and has already brought forth many new ideas and it has really made us look forward to sending Gavin there every day. Gavin with his big cousin Blake who is going to be in 4th grade this year. Gavin with his teacher Mrs. Burgener. This is her first year teaching at St. Joe and Gavin loves her already after just a half day. He keeps telling me things that she said throughout the day. The one I've heard about the most is that they are going to have a 100th day party. I'm not sure that he understands that means he has to wait 100 days til it gets here, but hey, whatever keeps him going!
First thing in the morning the students get 4 tickets. If they misbehave they get a ticket taken away. Gavin came home with 4 tickets today, so we're off to a good start. He got 4 skittles at the end of the day too!

Gavin handed me this paper when he came out of school. When we got in the car he said that Mrs. Burgener read them a story called The Kissing Hand. I haven't read it, but she said she would be sending a copy home soon. Gavin tells me that when I miss him throughout the day that I should put my hand on my cheek and know that he is in good hands with Mrs. Burgener and that she will take good care of him. Awww! So cute! I love Kindergarten!

I did not shed a tear this morning. Mainly for one reason. During Mass we sat in the 3rd row from the front. Gavin later joined his class in the front row after I had to take Maddox out of church (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) Mass was right at an hour long, so needless to say he was a little ancy. He was really interested in talking to this little girl in his class that he hadn't met yet. You see, he had to tell her how old he was and talk to her, they had their hands together up in the number 5 seeing whose hands were bigger. Then, the entire class joined in. He was whispering, but paying absolutely no attention to Father Jerry. He looked back at me and smiled as I gave him the SHHHHH! signal. But no, Mom can't reach me so I'll keep talking and making new friends while Mass is going on. Needless to say I was a little frustrated with him at the time and so no tears were shed. That was one of the moments I felt a little relieved he was going. Mrs. Burgener said he was great in class this morning. He will do fine. I have no doubt, but it's good that he knows that we see Mrs. Burgener on a daily basis.
Tomorrow is another big day for us. Maddox starts Pre-School! He told me tonight when I was putting him in bed that I'm too big to stay with him tomorrow, but he really wants me to be his teacher. Does that make sense? It does to a 3 yr. old. More to come tomorrow.